I am Stanislav, designer and engineer. Working on product growth at Miro. My parents say I draw pretty pictures on the computer for money.

I was born in Donetsk, based in Kyiv. Fond of reading, playing the guitar, and recording song covers. Occasionally, I code in Javascript and Swift. My number one hobby nowadays is vinyl collecting. So far, I dug and got myself around 100 records. Apart from that, I brew coffee and cook.

I am interested in accessibility, growth, video games, collaboration, creativity, productivity software, navigation, academic philosophy, future of mobility, communities, and industrial design. Want to chat about one of these? Do a project? Just wanna argue? Let me know any time.

Portrait of me.

This website is my little digital garden. Make yourself at home! All the corners are rounded, so noone gets hurt. Designed in the browser, typed with GT America. No tracking or analytics used, cause fuck that.